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Interwoven excels in providing professional, cost-effective, value-added services tailored to the individuals needs of our clients. Whether you need daily desk management, temporary assistance, or account managers, Interwoven is available to assist on a short or long term engagement.

Our legal, claims, coverage expert and investigation services help clients achieve optimal outcomes across multiple lines of business, including personal and commercial property, flood, general liability, commercial auto, professional liability, dram shop liability and more. We utilize our highly trained desk examiners, field adjusters and network of credentialled experts as required by each case to provide exceptional service and value to boost your business and maintain productive and successful relationships with all insureds, clients and service providers alike.

If you have an adequate staff in place, but need assistance in overseeing a book of business, our hands-on management oversight approach provides exceptional leadership with subject matter expertise. We believe the best way to achieve better results is to have educated, trained and a well-managed staff, from file handlers to senior executives. We can provide management oversight, training and direction for long term sustained success.

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We have customized solutions for insurers, underwriters, MGAs and self-insureds needing to outsource the claim handling functions. From any level of complexity or expoure, we deliver full-service claim management and adjusting with a focus on customer satisfaction and objective improvements to our clients’ bottom lines. Our model is all-encompassing, leaving our clients with the time and resources to do what they do best – growing their businesses and maintaining their portfolios, while we do what we do best – directing every new claim to a good faith, cost effective resolution with diligence and excellence.

Our litigation management services are considered industry leading. We are a partner that understands the complexity and critical nature of liability claims. With attorneys on staff to assist in the claim handling process, we provide the highest level of hands-on, attentive and personalized decision-making that will improve any litigation management experience and achieve excellent results for both policyholders and insurers alike. As in any good claim approach, the goal is to pay what is owed as quickly as possible, and eliminate as much wasteful spending and resources as possible under the circumstances of each individual claim.

Quality Assurance and Consulting

Interwoven’s review and consulting team brings a depth of knowledge and subject matter expertise through years of experience in claim handling and leadership roles within Fortune 500 Mutual Insurance Companies as well as smaller Excess and Surplus Market Carriers. Being a part of in-house P&C carriers and now their service firms, we offer a full well-rounded view of all processes and relationships.

We review claims handling, management teams, workflow, process and data metrics to find improvements in efficiency, productivity and results. We work with existing teams and books of business and are proven to provide great value to clients from day 1. We also participate in merger and acquisition teams to audit and review potential new business opportunities. Our teams are designed to bring expertise, resource, in-depth knowledge and training to our client’s organization to achieve success from the inside out.

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Collaborative Partners

We are highly connected and highly respected in the industry. Working with us provides our inhouse expertise and management for all of the services we provide. We also have a nationwide network of experts to assist in almost any situation. Whether it be field adjusters, trial experts, mediation or trial attendance and monitoring, we have it covered. We provide full service partnerships with us and our network to meet nearly any need our clients face on a daily basis.

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