Who we are

We provide the highest level of quality and service because of who we are, how we lead and what we demand. We can appreciate the uniqueness of each client, each line of business with a special focus on emotion and relationships between people, clients and customers. The client’s business and their needs will be managed as if they were our own. We’re not a service provider, we’re a partner.

We focus on what we know and slowly manage our growth. We have the ability to say no. We will only grow as fast as we can produce good team members and leaders within our organization, instilling the concepts, emotion and vision that started us. We’re looking for clients and situations where we can honestly and confidently add value.

Interwoven Claimse are a boutique Claim Management Company with lifetimes of study and experience allowing us to understand and align with our Client’s needs. We provide the highest level of quality and service customized for each client or customer having a unique appreciation for each situation with a special focus on emotion and relationships between people.

We utilize superior talent, thoughtful processes and an attentive proactive approach to balancing claim efficiency with superior policyholder service while reducing ultimate exposures by paying what is owed, as quickly as possible.

Interwoven Claim Management Group
Guiding Principles

Attract and Retain the Best Talent

We grow as fast as we can produce leaders and members within our organization – instilling the concepts, emotion and vision that define us.

Know Our Business

We are committed to quality over quantity. We focus on what we know with deep subject matter expertise that recognizes the value offered translates to exceptional results. We provide a higher level of service and a personal attention to detail.

Our Core Values Support our Mission

Behaviors are important. Our core values guide us and define how we treat people and help our clients achieve optimal results through optimal behavior.

Achieve Optimal Outcomes

A hands-on management approach with subject matter expertise, utilizing superior talent, thoughtful processes and an attentive, proactive approach to optimizing claim efficiency with superior service.

Provide Exceptional Service

We provide the highest level of quality and service with empathy, integrity, and discipline. We anticipate customer needs and support a positive customer centric environment with an appreciation for the uniqueness of each situation.

Core Values
Core Values

Honesty and Integrity

Genuine truthfulness and sincerity with what is said and done. Doing the right thing, no matter who is watching.


The bedrock foundation ensuring everyone knows what is expected of them with a focus on constant improvement as individuals and as an organization.


Gratitude, listening with a goal of understanding, caring, committing and holding ourselves accountable to the commitment.

Hard Work and Passion

Persevere and persist with discipline and determination. Our internal motivator, inspiring service offerings our clients don’t even know they need yet.

Positive Engagement

Focusing on positive experiences, creating and delivering genuine value while building long-term relationships.


Putting Client and team above self which creates an open mind and recognition of the strengths of our self and others.

Long-term objectives
Long Term Objectives

Superior File Quality

Consistent execution of Best Practices focused on Proactive Case Resolution; Alignment of skills and resources to claim type employing specialization where exposure dictates or scale permits; Collaborative management and oversight of significant claim exposures leveraging all available talent; Cooperative engagement between teams where dual exposures exists; Maintain a clear focus on Indemnity, Expense, and Customer Service; Nurture a reputation in the marketplace for expertise, fairness, and differentiating service.

Partner of Choice

Establish a reputation in the marketplace for integrity, fairness, humility, and unwavering support of our business partners. Develop and maintain effective relationships with colleagues, business partners, customers, agents, regulatory agencies and others to achieve organizational goals and create better outcomes.

Personalized Attention

Excel in our product offerings and nurture a reputation for deep specialized expertise aligned with the customized needs of our partners. Grow the business profitably within our boutique culture by designing and managing programs specific to each client.

Active Resource Management

Ensure a thoughtful outcome-focused approach to the employment of all claim external resources – Independent Adjusters, Appraisers, Investigators, Lawyers, Experts, technology vendors, etc.; Focus on dynamic claim monitoring and appropriate financial control

Founding Partners
Kenton Kaplan

Kenton Kaplan


Kenton serves as President of Interwoven Claim Management Group, providing guidance and support to all aspects of the business, including strategic operations, innovation and automation, service development, marketing and data analytics. Kenton’s background provides deep expertise in fields of general liability and commercial auto, coverage analysis, litigation management, including extra-contractual and coverage litigation.

Kenton brings a wealth of industry knowledge from 20 years experience overseeing litigation management and extra-contractual legal claim teams for P&C companies nationwide. His strategic operational experience and leadership offers all of Interwoven’s clients outstanding service with a personal touch. Throughout his career, Kenton has served multiple roles in the industry, providing support to all internal and external partners, including claim and underwriting departments, special investigation units, risk management services, training, consultation and advice. His background in claim coverage litigation and extra‐contractual exposures serves him well as he advises clients on claim best practices, audit and compliance, licensing, record retention and the like. Kenton believes the best claim outcomes are achieved by having the best talent, from field adjusters, desk examiners, management and top level executives. His training, oversight and continual claim management has proven effective time and time again to find and develop the best talent, providing the best possible service and outcomes for all involved.

Kenton graduated with honors while receiving a B.A. from Creighton University in Omaha, NE and his J.D. from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law in Dallas, Texas. Kenton is an active member of the Nebraska State Bar Association and holds the following designations: Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter, Associate in Claims, Associate in Surplus Lines, Associate in Reinsurance, Associate in Insurance Services, Associate in Risk Management, Associate in Management and Associate in Claims – Management.

Kenton has been published in multiple journals and has served as a featured and panel speaker many times throughout his career on topics ranging from claims, risk management and ethics.

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Diane Weaver, CPCU, SCLA, AIC, AINS

Executive Vice President

Diane serves as Executive Vice President providing leadership and claim management for Interwoven Claim Management Group and its’ clients. Her skill set combines a deep knowledge of multi-line claim handling from the desk, field and TPA perspectives, a depth of industry knowledge and a unique understanding of people, processes, procedures and data analytics that drive decision making within the Property and Casualty industry.

With over 27 years of Property and Casualty Insurance Claim Industry experience, she has held roles from field claim representative having started her career with State Farm Insurance Company in 1994 as a staff claim representative before moving to a mid-sized mutual carrier where she spent most of her career in various roles before moving to a small excess and surplus market carrier. She has successfully implemented and driven an Enterprise-wide internal field catastrophe claim strategy for a Fortune 500 mutual insurance company from pre-event planning to post event analysis utilizing analytics to drive planning and strategy from first notice of loss in-take, vendor partner management and CAT claim management through the end user process.

Within the E & S Market, she has led operational and strategic management of commercial transportation and commercial & personal property claims through developing and driving claim strategy on quality, best practices, standards, and guidelines, reserving practices, performance metrics, key performance indicators and CAT/large loss management. Diane has played integral parts in creating efficiency in workflows to better claim settlements through enhanced customer service and optimal processes. She is a leader in problem solving, developing and creating solutions in a more complex environment with multiple technologies and legacy systems, workflows, processes and procedures.

Having worked for Fortune 500 Mutual P & C carriers to a smaller niche, specialty market carrier, she has been involved in driving optimization of various product claim strategies across all enterprises. Through the utilization of data analytics and business intelligence, she has strengthened customer service, set performance standards, established key performance indicators and accountability measures while maintaining a high level of employee engagement.

For the last 5 years she has worked with various national and regional claim service companies helping claim leaders design, build, and execute strategies that align with client’s best practices and customer expectations. She is a performance-driven strategic leader and thoughtful coach adept at translating strategies into the tactical activities that foster a continuous claims improvement model. She looks for ways to exercise her passion for coaching, guiding, and mentoring future leaders, providing account management, leadership for TPA’s and claim services focused on a customer centric approach through engagement of people, processes, procedures, workflows and claim file management from intake to claim settlement. She believes we have an opportunity in our current market place to improve efficiency, operational strategies and the customer experience through driving the upgrade of technology platforms and taking a futuristic approach to the claim handling environment.

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